Handozer Leveling Drags

The Power of a Bulldozer with your Lawn Tractor or ATV!

Get professional quality surfaces for your gravel driveways, horse arenas or baseball infields.



York Springs, PA

I just wanted to let you folks know that I put your drag together and got to work with it. I’m beyond impressed. I bought my house 2 years ago and have been putting 2B stone down every few months to keep the potholes at bay which was $395 a triaxel dump truck load. For less than a load of stone and time on the lawn tractor I was able to get my 1/4 mile drive pothole free and in better shape than it’s ever been. I also wanted to let you know I sometimes paid my neighbor to go up and down the drive with his industrial size boxgrader which was attached to a large Kubota tractor to smooth the drive out and your Handozer ended up doing a better job!
You have a fine product and I definitely will be telling everyone I know that has a stone drive about your product!

Charles Gortakowski

Bay Shore, NY

Mike, I received the drag today Put it together and it really works good. Just as advertised. Thanks for all your help and answering questions. I’m sure I will be happy with the progress of my driveway.
I purchased the Handozer to try and fix my driveway upstate NY. It is a vacation home and after a hard winter there is a lot of problems with the driveway. It would cost me about 2k every two years to fix it. The Handozer for 275 fixed it better than the 2k I was paying. This was one of the best investments I made to fix my driveway. I son rode the quad and worked at the same time. He loved it and fixed my driveway, without ever knowing he was working.
Thanks for a great product.

Mark Jadrych


Gentlemen, I am writing to express my pleasure with your product and the remarkable and efficient job it did on my heavily rutted gravel driveway. Smooth, even, well groomed. No more ruts or ‘washboarding’. I’ve had several neighbors ask if I would be interested in doing theirs. The device could pay for itself in just a few hours over a couple of jobs.
Yes, I’m impressed and very satisfied with my purchase. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Doug Blake

Prince George BC

Hey Mike,
Just thought I would let you know I Got my Handozer. It was here on Monday Oct 17. Not bad, under a week to Canada. The dozer works great.
Had a problem with the concrete block flipping but I think a bungie strap will fix that. Thanks again Mike.

Terry Du Clos

I just received my Handozer D3.5 today. I wanted to send a quick email to you about this product. GREAT JOB!!! This thing works so well it is almost hard to believe. I live on one of the worst steep gravel roads you can imagine, but not after today. I greatly appreciate your product. I hope you sell a bunch of these and that your business flourishes. Anyone who has a gravel road and/or driveway needs one of these.
Thank you kindly