Driveway Graders For Gravel Driveways

Driveway Graders For Gravel Driveways

When building the entrance to the house or farm, gravel is an excellent alternative. This is a low-cost material, compared to other options such as bricks or asphalt. Also, it is an option that gives a different touch to the road and distinguishes the property from your neighbors’.

In general, to build a gravel road, the construction companies offer options that require a previous excavation, which increases the costs of the project. However, these roads can be built without the need to dig, and the result is just as spectacular. This option is even useful in places where the soil is rocky, sandy or clayey, where digging is not an option.


The first step is to plan the road correctly. For this, mark one of the sides of the way using wooden stakes. Locate them 6 to 10 feet from one to the other. Once completed, join the stakes with a rope so the road will be correctly delimited. Then repeat the procedure with the other hand, measuring the width of the track each time you place a new stake.


Now you must walk the road, and locate any hole, muddy area or significant slope and repair it. Clean the area as best you can, and then apply a clay mixture to cover it. Finish the work doing general compaction of the land, using a compactor.

Make the Edge

It's time to build the limits. You must dig a trench about 12 inches wide along the entire path. This excavation should be done right next to each rope that marks the route.

Then place a row of gardening bricks inside each trench, from end to end along the entire path. Fix the blocks with a mixture of clay, or any other masonry product. This retaining wall must protrude at least 18 inches above ground level. Once finished, you will have a stable retaining wall that will keep the gravel in place.

Fill Time

Place the first layer of thick stone (the size of a fist) for the base of the road. This layer should be approximately 6 inches. Use an earth compactor to fix this base. Then, apply two coats of medium gravel, 3 inches wide each. Every time you apply a layer, you must use one of the driveway graders for gravel driveways, like those provided by Handozer Distributing.

Now for the top layer, apply at least a couple of 2-inch layers of fine gravel. Make sure to use the driveway grader on each layer placed. The number of layers will depend on the height you have given to your retaining walls. Once this gravel is placed, your path will be ready.

Trust in the Best Driveway Grader

We at Handozer have applied our years of experience to develop our 42 " wide D3-5-MG pull behind grader, to offer you a high-quality product. It is made of best-quality steel and manufactured right here in the USA, making it the best choice among the driveway graders for gravel driveways available in the market. It is an indispensable tool, not only to develop the gravel road but for its subsequent maintenance. Do not hesitate and contact us; we will be happy to assist you.

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Driveway Graders For Gravel Driveways Driveway Graders For Gravel Driveways