Driveway Scraper

Driveway Scraper

The dirt roads are the most ecological and nature-friendly option. They provide access to your country house without generating significant environmental impact. Also, if you own horses and like to ride around your property on them, this type of soil is the safest and most comfortable for them.

In most cases, this type of driveways have drawbacks for two reasons: first, the amount of dust they give off in the dry season and, on the other hand, the flood spots and the ditches that form the water in the rainy seasons. However, it is possible that you with an adequate reconditioning process put your dirt driveway in excellent condition. In this way, you can enjoy it without suffering the consequences of erosion.

The fundamental reason why dirt roads are sensitive to the impact of the elements is that the only material that makes up the way is dirt. For a more stable surface, it is necessary to combine the pure dirt with some other element that provides stability, durability, and resistance. These are the three main elements you can use:

  • Fine gravel: You will obtain a high resistance floor. The amount of gravel you use per square feet cannot exceed 25% of the total material. In this way, the dirt will remain the dominant element.

  • Sawdust and wood shavings: It is the most economical option and much more if there is a sawmill in the surroundings. When using this material the water eventually will cause that material to decompose, and the maintenance will then be more frequent.

  • Biopolymers: These are special plastics developed for the strengthening of rural They do not generate environmental impact and provide excellent stability to the ground. The concentration of the material per square feet depends on the manufacturer's specification.

Once you select the material, you must follow these simple steps to recondition your driveway:

  1. Inspect the road, and detect ditches from rainwater. In the case of significant ones, consider the installation of sewers.

  2. Use a driveway scraper to remove the soil. The Handozer D3.5-MG and a lawn tractor or ATV are an excellent option to perform the task.

  3. Apply the selected material, in the proper proportions. Distribute the mixture evenly, with the help of hand shovels.

  4. Finally, use your vehicle and the Handozer again, this time in grader mode, to obtain a uniform surface. The result will be a stable and durable ground driveway, with a professional finish. Do not forget to make a final inspection to fix the remaining material of the leveling process.

The Handozer D3.5-MG is your Best Ally

This tool has been designed to facilitate the installation, grooming and maintenance tasks of your driveways, stables, and land in your country house or farm. The Handozer will save you time and effort, whether you are using it as a driveway scraper or as a grader. It is also made with the best materials in the industry and is a 100% American product. Do not hesitate and contact us; our team is ready to assist you.

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Driveway Scraper Driveway Scraper