Gravel Grader

Gravel Grader

Many times on your farm or country house, the space to park your vehicles become insufficient. If you have enough space on your property, you may build an excellent gravel space for your new cars, or for when the guests come.

The first decisions to make are the dimensions of the space, and whether this new parking will be covered or not (when the area is for guests only, you do not have to spend that money on a roof). Once you answer these questions, decide the ideal place to build your new parking lot, as close to the driveway, if possible.

How to Make a Gravel Parking Lot

Mark the rectangle of the parking area with stakes, and pass a rope between them to establish the final limit. If there are bushes, it is time to remove them (including their roots).

Excavate a uniform layer within the outlined limits. This excavation should be at least 2 inches deep. In this way, you make sure to remove the organic layer from the soil, reducing further weed growth.

Now make a trench an inch and a half deep, and an inch wide. Do it along the boundaries of the area, except in the entrance street. Place 1x5 inch wooden boards inside the trench. This wood must be pre-treated to waterproof it. Use varnish, or ask a recommendation from your local supplier. Make sure that the boards placed are level with the ground.

You must select and place a covering material for the ground, to give a basis to the gravel. This coating will prevent the growth of herbs and will give firmness to the project. The most used materials for this are plastic, meshes, canvas, garden fabric and geotextile fabric. If you use plastic, make some holes in the film so that you can guarantee water drainage. Make these holes every 3 or 4 feet that will suffice.

You need two types of gravel for the filling. A thicker one that serves as a base and helps with the weight of the cars, and then a finer one for the finish. A ton of gravel covers approximately 90 square feet of surface. If you have any questions regarding the quantity, check with your local provider.

Place the first layer of coarse gravel, one inch deep. Use your Handozer gravel grader to ensure even distribution of the material. Once you put this base, place the fine gravel in layers, until you complete the 5 inches that you had dug at the beginning. Make the process in stages, and use the grader at the end of each one. In this way, you ensure a high-quality result, with a professional finish.

Trust the Best Gravel Grader in the Market

Thanks to its 42” broad grooming surface, the Handozer D3.5-MG is the ideal equipment to carry out the tasks of grooming and maintenance of its driveways, parking lots and stables. Also, its new reversible & pivoting grading rake gives it more versatility to carry out tasks in your farm or country house. The Handozer D3.5-MG is the best driveway grader in the North American market. Contact us to assist you; we will be happy to help you.

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