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When you have a dirt driveway, certain unstable spots are a real headache. These gaps are eternal, and it seems that they will never disappear.

When dealing with this type of hole, the first idea is to add some gravel or stones to give stability to the ground. Unfortunately, in most cases, adding material makes things worse, and the unstable area persists, and sometimes even enlarges.

In those “impossible cases,” you must use a special treatment that allows you to end the issue once for all. The first thing is to wait for the right time of the year to repair. The idea is to do it in spring or summer, to prevent the water from interrupting the project.

At the right time, the first step is to dig the hole to remove the unstable material. Be sure to remove everything until it reaches the base soil of your driveway. The cavity should ideally be about 20 inches deep. If after removing the excess product has not reached that depth, dig until you achieve it.

Once you clear the area, you must place a base element to give definitive stability to the terrain. These are the primary materials used for this type of tasks:

  • Plastic films

  • Canvas

  • Gardening fabric

  • Geotextile fabric

Place the selected element both in the bottom and the walls of the hole. Now you must place a stone base, about 15” thick. The rocks must have a minimum size of 3 inches (the size of a fist).

The use of angled stones is preferable since when compacting they will provide a solid base. Rounded rocks (river stones) are not good because they will produce instabilities that can damage the project in the medium term. Now, finish filling the space with a mixture of dirt and gravel, with a 50% ratio of each material.

It is time to work the area around the repaired hole to ensure a definitive solution to the problem. The main enemy of these repairs is water, so you should raise the zone a little to avoid accumulations of it. To do this, mark a strip with a length of 3 feet on each side of the hole (the width will be the same as the driveway). Now use your Handozer power grader in scraper mode to remove the terrain.

Add more material to the terrain (a mixture of 75% dirt and 25% gravel is an excellent choice). Do it in layers and use your power grader every time you put a sheet to level. Continue the procedure, until you raise the strip a couple of inches from the general level of the driveway. Once you reach this height, the project will end.

Handozer Distributing has designed the D3.5-MG driveway grader to help you perform all the maintenance, grooming and repair works on the roads of your property. With its eight adjustable front spikes, you will rip apart your driveways with ease for this type of repairs. Also, we have manufactured the tool with durable high-grade steel, which guarantees its strength for continuous work. Order your D3.5-MG in our e-shop, or contact us for more assistance, we will be happy to assist you.

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