Pull Behind Driveway Grader

Pull Behind Driveway Grader

Even though some people prefer the appearance of asphalt or brick roads, gravel roads have many benefits. First of all, they do not crack or break. Also, when it comes to maintenance or replacement, the gravel is cheaper than the other options. It also allows the rapid drainage of rainwater, and they are more resistant and safer than a simple dirt road.

After years of use, the gravel will be deformed, creating holes in some places of frequent traffic (by the weight of vehicles) and ridges in other areas. It is then the moment to perform maintenance of your gravel road. The process is not complicated, and the maintenance execution time depends on the length of your path. It is essential to know step by step how you can properly maintain your driveway.

  1. Check the Edges

If your path has rows of bricks that hold the gravel inside the way, the first step is to review these guide walls. In case there is a broken brick, replace it. It is also an excellent time to check the lateral drains if they exist.

  1. Break the High Spots

Now walk the road, and undo the accumulations of gravel that exist. For this, use a manual stacker or use a rake with its tines facing up. Accumulate all that excess material in one place. If the path is very long, make several piles distributed evenly.

  1. Repair the Holes

Now check the path in search of holes. If the gap is slight, fill it with some of the gravel you have previously piled, and then apply the manual stacker. Add additional material if necessary (usually stacked gravel is enough). In the case that the hole is bottomless, it is advisable to place a mixture of clay inside it before putting gravel on it.

  1. Level the Ground

It's time to put the surface even. For that, use a pull behind driveway grader like the Handozer D3.5-MG. Attach the device to your lawn tractor or ATV. Now drive through the entire driveway evenly. Make several passes so that the gravel is loose and uniform. This process will allow the small deformations to disappear altogether. The D3.5-MG will allow you to obtain a professional quality driveway after finishing the leveling.

  1. Finish Manually

Now make a final walking tour to finish the project. Use the heavy rack to level any ridge left by the Handozer pass (especially at the edges). Also, make sure that no material has fallen into the drains or water circulation channels. Now enjoy your renewed driveway with a professional finish.

Handozer Distributing Provides the Best Grader

If you still do not have a pull behind driveway grader, the D3.5-MG is the best option on the market. Thanks to its user-friendly, 42” broad grooming surface, you will perform the maintenance of your gravel driveway in no time, and with an exceptional finish. Just place your order in our e-shop, or contact us, one of our expert vendors will advise you. We will be glad to assist you.

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Pull Behind Driveway Grader Pull Behind Driveway Grader